The Importance of Creativity

I’ve always found creativity to be a deeply important to the individual and the collective, though, sadly, it’s significance goes quite unacknowledged in society today. Think about it, in Kindergarten it’s tolerated. We paint and play and exercise our imaginations. And then, “more important” things take priority: our math, science, reading, writing…

Mind you, I’m not trying to make the point that these topics are not important, but rather that creativity (and the continued growth of it) should be our equal focus!

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a wonderful video with my husband and it stuck with us both. We’ve shared it numerous times with professors, friends, family, and Facebook. In this video a man named Sir Ken Robinson, a truly talented public speaker, talks on just this subject and makes the point that “we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it.”

Are we too late to make the necessary changes and save humanity? Why, we are never too late! And so, to do my part in spreading this message, once again I share this inspiring video (though I’m sure it won’t be the last time)! Prepare yourself to be delighted, this man is a joy to listen to and before you know it you will be sharing it with your loved ones too! 🙂

I love the point he makes about how, prior to Industrialism, we had no public education system, and so, when it was built, it was that approach that motivated educators and gave them their focus. Hence the left brain emphasis in the existing system. And so we hear, don’t do art, you’ll never be an artist; don’t do dance, you’ll never make a living that way. What if our divine gifts don’t fit in the boxes we have created as “acceptable?” What if they can’t be so easily labeled? Should we not have a choice, to express our souls in the way that is most natural to ourselves? YES!

Lindsay Swan - The Dragon Came By and I Got On

This brings me to my personal path…as a kid I was always drawn to the creative. I loved to draw, paint, create! I loved choir and music class. I adored drama class. I was told I excelled in these things. But, those around me who loved me, and had my best interest in mind, kindly told me to pursue something else for financial security and do these things, as a hobby on the side.

My heart ached when I was told this. I had such a drive, a passionate, tenacious urge to pursue these things. I knew, that given my fervor, there was nothing I couldn’t do! Wasn’t that the conflicting message I always got? “The American Dream,” you can do anything you set your mind to, and “reach for the stars!?” But, these passions took a temporary back seat whilst I found myself and the confidence to say, I can do whatever I set my sites on!

And here I am, pursuing my dreams. But lately…a childlike urge has risen again within me and I am feeling strongly guided to pursue my own artistic vision. Someone may even be considering changing their college major… 😉

I still exercise my creativity daily! I write poetry, paint, draw, build and design. Lately my

Christina Williams - Self Portrait

doodles have a common thread…energy. In class I will find myself doodling my instructor, or a fellow classmate as I listen to the lecture. Before I know it, without this focus, I find myself drawing from a psychic perspective. Sometimes this means a Guide for this person steps forward and I doodle their image too, or I find myself including their aura in the art work, or the energy I see around them. This has inspired me to pursue this on a larger scale and for my own interests.

Then, I did some research…since May 2008 a new art movement has been founded by five artists across the globe. It is called the Energy Art Movement! I was floored to find that there were others, being intuitively guided into the same form of art, as I was!

That’s the thing…intuition flourishes in a creative environment, but the Ego, king of the left brain, makes this intuitive development difficult when we become to focused on the analytical.

Hiroyuki Saito - Beyond the Phoenix Wings

Artwork from this movement is what has been displayed throughout this post! I hope you enjoyed it! This new movement that inspires me to pursue my own artistic endeavors and I hope it sparks some inspiration in you as well! Don’t be surprised to see my name on a list of members on in the near future! Visit this website for more beautiful artwork in this movement!

Giorgio Vaselli - Enlightenment

Also, for more information on Sir Ken Robinson, visit his website!


About brittanymonaghan

I am an extremely blessed wife and mother of three who has somehow managed to end up doing exactly what she always dreamed of, but never really believed was possible. I have always been interested in metaphysical and paranormal topics. I'm the odd girl who chases things that go bump in the night. I've found myself deeply drawn to energy work, healing and counseling. I love working with my clients to help them see the bigger picture, allowing them to maneuver through life's more challenging times, with more insight and perspective. I am a full time student working on a Psychology degree but I am also pursuing further education in energy healing and herbalism. After many strange experiences over the course of my life I finally chose empowerment over fear and learned to develop my intuitive skills so that I could learn to better control them. I can not tell you how this has changed my life, and the lives of many others, over the course of the last three years. I offer psychic and spiritual advice on any topic including relationships, finances, life coaching, grief, life purpose, past life insights and more. In the course of a reading it is not unusual for deceased loved one's or even pets to come through. I am also co-founder of a paranormal research group called North Idaho Paranormal Society. If you suspect a haunting in your home we can come in, record evidence and attempt to answer any questions, or offer any guidance, completely free of charge. Do not hesitate to contact me at with questions! I charge only $60 for a typical, one-hour reading but am also flexible on party rates as well as readings by email. I use an oracle deck as a divination tool as needed.
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