The Divine Spark Within Each of Us: Brotherhood for a Better Tomorrow

Here we sit, blinded by our own superficiality to the fate that awaits us, if we continue down this path. I have had many eye-opening intuitive experiences that have shown me that the path we are on, leads nowhere but misery. Not just for some but for the entire human race. Our only hope is to recognize the divine spark within us and to embrace each and every living person as equal with an understanding that they hold that same spark within them. And as each tiny little spark unites in brotherhood, letting go of their fear and their hatred (which is just a manifestation of fear) we are left with the ever burning flame of God, the Universe, Our Father…and whatever else you prefer to label it.

Don’t you see? We are all of us God. We each make up a small piece of God and therefore, just as Christ, we have amazing capabilities and all it takes is a change of focus. When you start to walk the spiritual path you will find that one thing is constant.


But without change there cannot be growth and I am finding more and more that discomfort…the fear, anger, frustration…we experience when we face change and choose to grow is not where it ends. It is only where our life begins. The more we challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone, to face our fears and overcome them, the more powerful we become because when this faith based relationship is built, we are only rewarded and therefore we strive again for that same reward continuously. As we grow closer to the divine, the more divine we become and when we recognize and acknowledge our own divinity, we recognize and acknowledge the divinity of every living creature.

When we take this path, we are slowly pushed and challenged to improve the way we communicate and interact with the world around us. I’m not just talking relationships, though they are definitely affected, I am saying the whole world. We don’t walk past that trash in the street, we have a harder time pretending problems don’t exist and we strive harder to change them where they do. We are no longer fighting and pushing and challenging for ourselves, we are doing these things because there is no other choice. We are choosing these things because we long for that total reconnection, that orgasmic cosmic enlightenment and we will not stop until we feel it. Until we see and understand our power.

But unfortunately, we have distorted our definition of power and have been made to believe that power is money and influence and to be in power, one must be harsh, and firm and unyielding. We need to recognize that our power lies not in these things, but in our own divinity and in recognizing and nourishing the divinity in each of us and coming together as constructors of a new future, a new beginning.

If we cannot do this only one fate awaits us and it is the same fate that has been predicted in Biblical texts, and by historians and by spiritual intuitives but the thing we need to realize is that the only Hell in existence is the one we create for ourselves and the only devil responsible is the devil inside of ourselves. When we overcome our ego we begin to gain control of our abilities, senses and our life in ways never even imagined.

You are perfect. All of those things that you compare to that “ideal” human being, are an assortment of rubbish from the media, false and negative ego programming and experience. Stop and see that just as you are, you are perfect. You must be! You are God!

Embrace your divinity and really start living. Embrace the divine in others, even when it’s challenging, because our only hope is to come together and leave the past behind us. It’s only now that matters. What choice are you making right now? If we cannot embrace the perfection of this brotherhood we share, we cannot survive.

Now, if you read this and cringe because what I say contradicts your current belief system, ask yourself “why?” Ask yourself why and be honest with yourself. If it is just not that simple, reach out and pray, meditate, journal and ask for help! Reach out and ask and then just wait. Be open minded and wait for a sign and you will get it, guaranteed.
Just remember, your power cannot be defined by money, fear and influence. Your power lies within. Good luck on your journey and know, from the depths of my heart that I love you and even if you don’t, I recognize the divine within you.


About brittanymonaghan

I am an extremely blessed wife and mother of three who has somehow managed to end up doing exactly what she always dreamed of, but never really believed was possible. I have always been interested in metaphysical and paranormal topics. I'm the odd girl who chases things that go bump in the night. I've found myself deeply drawn to energy work, healing and counseling. I love working with my clients to help them see the bigger picture, allowing them to maneuver through life's more challenging times, with more insight and perspective. I am a full time student working on a Psychology degree but I am also pursuing further education in energy healing and herbalism. After many strange experiences over the course of my life I finally chose empowerment over fear and learned to develop my intuitive skills so that I could learn to better control them. I can not tell you how this has changed my life, and the lives of many others, over the course of the last three years. I offer psychic and spiritual advice on any topic including relationships, finances, life coaching, grief, life purpose, past life insights and more. In the course of a reading it is not unusual for deceased loved one's or even pets to come through. I am also co-founder of a paranormal research group called North Idaho Paranormal Society. If you suspect a haunting in your home we can come in, record evidence and attempt to answer any questions, or offer any guidance, completely free of charge. Do not hesitate to contact me at with questions! I charge only $60 for a typical, one-hour reading but am also flexible on party rates as well as readings by email. I use an oracle deck as a divination tool as needed.
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2 Responses to The Divine Spark Within Each of Us: Brotherhood for a Better Tomorrow

  1. Reannan says:

    Well Said Britt<3

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