Misperceptions About our Divine Roots and a Need to Reconnect…

We find ourselves in unprecedented times Brothers and Sisters, time for me to break my silence and speak of the things that have been communicated to me by beings of Light, Ascended Masters and loving Guides and Angels over the last several months.

I am always receiving messages from the Divine, some messages affect only me, but other messages are much larger and affect all of humanity and Earth in general. Recently, I received communication and had the following epiphany:

I found myself drudged down by life and everything seemed to be going wrong. I couldn’t figure out why I was in this rut, but upon further digging found that my hopelessness arose from this belief that the Divine Creator sat on a pedestal , far above my head and though I strove to let go of emotional and spiritual burdens keeping me from Divine wisdom and enlightenment, I was so far from this perfection.

It seemed an impossible task to unite with the Creator as I had so much work to do if I was even to compare in perfection and all I could do is keep making mistakes! However, like light through the clouds a message came to me via Angels of God who helped me to see that I am not “bad.” I am not bad and these burdens to not make me so. I am already perfect in the love of God. I must not look at myself as separate from God but one small part. I must treat myself with respect and others, recognizing they too are Divine. And when I saw things in this way my burdens were lifted! I am not an imperfect being on an impossible journey, I am already perfect, in God’s image, and when I love myself and others for the Divine spark within them, that is when the spark grows greater within me and that that perceived space separating myself from God, and the spirits of my brothers and sisters,  grows ever smaller.

I truly believe we are the brink of some major world changes, changes which some are greatly in denial of. Be prepared as these changes will be big and the face of this world will never be the same. We have an opportunity to make this shift one that changes our world for the better, one that brings us together within the realization of the Divine within us and a shift that helps us to create an existence un-tinged by fear and filled with love and light!

Take a moment to think about your purpose and your Divine gifts…now is the time to recognize and hone them like never before!

Breaking Upwards by Brittany Monaghan

Ties between us

all in knots,

full of bramble,

full of thorn.

Any bond once leading to you

is forgotten,

lost and torn.

A heartbeat born,

once in sync,

with the rhythm

of the Earth

has lost it’s link,

lost it’s form,

lost it’s living, breathing beat.

A deep breath in,

a natural feat.

should come easy

so it’s said,

but breathing water

not so sweet,

as air that fills

and clears my head.

Like moving through

this dream of life,

new and different,

old and set,

I sit and think

like those before me…

an endless dream?

a pointless bet?

Breaking through

these clouds above me,

open palms,

full of light,

we yearn,

we grow,

reaching upwards,

to those gifts

which will unite.

one and the same,

an endless game,


build up,

shed the shame.

live for love,

live for peace,

give for giving,

take with grace.


About brittanymonaghan

I am an extremely blessed wife and mother of three who has somehow managed to end up doing exactly what she always dreamed of, but never really believed was possible. I have always been interested in metaphysical and paranormal topics. I'm the odd girl who chases things that go bump in the night. I've found myself deeply drawn to energy work, healing and counseling. I love working with my clients to help them see the bigger picture, allowing them to maneuver through life's more challenging times, with more insight and perspective. I am a full time student working on a Psychology degree but I am also pursuing further education in energy healing and herbalism. After many strange experiences over the course of my life I finally chose empowerment over fear and learned to develop my intuitive skills so that I could learn to better control them. I can not tell you how this has changed my life, and the lives of many others, over the course of the last three years. I offer psychic and spiritual advice on any topic including relationships, finances, life coaching, grief, life purpose, past life insights and more. In the course of a reading it is not unusual for deceased loved one's or even pets to come through. I am also co-founder of a paranormal research group called North Idaho Paranormal Society. If you suspect a haunting in your home we can come in, record evidence and attempt to answer any questions, or offer any guidance, completely free of charge. Do not hesitate to contact me at orange.rae@gmail.com with questions! I charge only $60 for a typical, one-hour reading but am also flexible on party rates as well as readings by email. I use an oracle deck as a divination tool as needed.
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4 Responses to Misperceptions About our Divine Roots and a Need to Reconnect…

  1. Alyssa says:

    I love your poems. Beautiful. LOVE.

  2. Leslie says:

    Brittany, you are so right! I see and feel that many intuitive people are recognizing that this change is in the process right now. In the Bible, Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore,encourage one another and build each other up.” Just this one action alone can harvest a huge impact on daily life – our own, our families, and the people we interact with every day . Blessings on you and your family!

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