About My Services

Brittany Monaghan can help you with:

-Intuitive life coaching

-Providing solutions to business related concerns/issues
-Discovering your life’s purpose- what are you here to achieve in this lifetime?
-Understanding and releasing blocks in your energy system which hold you back from achieving goals and life purpose
-Past life insights and how they correlate with your life now
-Home blessings with a spiritual emphasis

-Ceremonies celebrating Birth, Coming of Age, momentous time of your life, or that of a friend/loved one, healing etc.
-Re-connecting with the energy of loved ones who have crossed over
-Communication with Spirit Guides and personal Angels

and also offers Chakra Readings/Balancing to help locate spiritual blocks and intuitive guidance on physical illness- Chakra Readings…

-Help you understand the unconscious blocks holding you back from success

-Help alleviate, or even cure, physical problems by locating their emotional roots

-Help you to let go of issues which are not serving you or are not in your best interest

-Help you to re-energize and balance these chakra centers, leading to clearer focus and intuitive growth

-Point you in the right direction in determining what natural means can be attempted to aid your physical and energy bodies in achieving balance and dietary structures and mineral deficiencies which may serve you better than current habits.

-Even help you relax!

*learn more about what this type of reading entails by reading this archived blog post!

***Also, I do teach one on one classes on tools and processes that assist in helping you find your own intuitive abilities or learn to master/fine tune them. If you are interested in these classes, simply email me and we will discuss your own unique class structure!

I charge $70 for a full reading which is a bit over an hour of my time and $40 for a mini reading which is thirty minutes long! Contact me privately for pricing concerns at orange.rae@gmail.com!


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  1. Your blog is awesomely designed you must tell me your secrets!

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