Recommended Sources of Universal Wisdom

The “must-read” books of spiritual development:

  • Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette (Okay, really any book by Sonia is amazing and full of incredibly, heartfelt guidance and personal stories. “Ask Your Guides” simply started me on my personal path of psychic development, so it’s my number one choice!)
  • You Are Psychic and The Genie Within by Debra Katz (Both “You Are Psychic” and “The Genie Within” offer a fool proof path to opening up to your inner voice through utilizing well taught exercises to develop clairvoyance. “The Genie Within” takes a deeper look at the Law of Attraction and helps us work through the blocks holding us back from obtaining whatever it is we desire!)
  • Illuminating the Afterlife by Cyndi Dale (I personally feel that Cyndi Dale is one of the oldest souls and most amazing intuitives of our time. Many of her other books focus on healing and her meditations/visualizations are deep, profound and offer immediate results.)
  • Pronoia by Rob Brezsny
  • More to come later!

Websites with great resources:

  • Freewill Astrology – Rob Brezsny’s eccentric style shines in the weekly horoscopes found on this website. Both my husband and I anxiously await his intuitive guidance weekly. Highly recommended for the spirit in need of a bright, big picture perspective full of color and detail yet just vague enough to draw your own conclusions. If you haven’t heard of him, DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!
  • Crystalinks– There is so much information on this website, you may not know where to start. That’s okay, just do what I did and click away. Let yourself be guided by your Higher Self to the wisdom that you need NOW. Amazing resource, check it out.
  • Mystic Games– A fun website where one can get free online tarot, runes or I-Ching readings. Remember to take online readings with a grain of salt…each card has a meaning but that meaning can differ for each person a psychic reads. A computer doesn’t understand this yet, unfortunately 🙂
  • A Guide to the Perplexed Interdimensional Traveler
  • New Moon Energetics– Barbra St. Dennis, an EFT practitioner and renowned Herbalist teaches classes and offers healing in the Post Falls, Idaho area! Worth checking out!

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