Roxanne C. – Idaho
Open your mind just a little because you are about to receive.  If you have been directed to this clairvoyant young lady it is because your guides have some inspiring messages for you! She is compassionate, insightful, instructive and clear.  She will give you the overall flavor and specific details.

Spend a little; save a lot.

When I consulted with Brittany I had some big decisions to make. I was looking for inside information.  I got what I was seeking and more.

My heart and my head were in discord as to moving my business and family.  The reading I got from Brittany gave me a location to focus on.  She told me of details to look forward to.  She saved me time of finding the best place for me.  She saved me money in travel and moving expenses.

She even gave me a heads up as to safety for my dog when I was out of town!

Stephnie W. – Idaho
I am so thankful that Brittany has come into my life. When Brittany did my reading so many things rang true to what I was feeling inside. I had been feeling lost, over whelmed, and very stressed. Brittany saw what I needed to do to fix these feelings. Now that I have been slowly putting these things into place, I am starting to feel m…ore at peace with myself. Without Brittany I would never have thought to step out into these things on my own.
Her gift is so amazing and genuine. Brittany is so sweet, and makes you feel comfortable right from the start. I was so confident in her abilities that I recommend her to my close family and friends. I am very confident in her abilities and will continue to sing her praises! Thank you so much Brittany and I will be scheduling another reading with you:)
Alyssa A. – Idaho
Brittany is very talented. She will make you feel comfortable, and really sees things that are going on that you may not be fully aware of. She gave me a very specific anniversary gift idea for my husband, we have been having a kind of rough time. The gift was exactly what he needed to get from me to realize how important he is, and it filled the hole he was missing that I didn’t really even know about. It was something I probably never would have thought of on my own, and he loved it more than any other gift I’ve given him in our 6 years. It helped us talk through some things. AMAZING. That is just one specific example of what insight her readings can provide, but of course we discuss other things. Everything is relevant to current struggles that I or family are facing, it helps bring clarity, and often needed perspective to a situation. Thank you Brittany!!

4 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Leslie says:

    Brittany has done several readings for me, the first one being a few months after my mother and sister passed. She amazed me with the clarity and “trueness” of all the readings but especially with this first one. I did not know Brittany before that meeting. She knew nothing of my background or the crisis I had gone through six months before that. She validated many things regarding my sister and mother and helped me to feel that there is, indeed, life after death, as I had always felt. Her honesty, integrity, and special gifts of the spirit , expanded my view of my life and my ties to my friends and family. I am so thankful to have you as a friend and mentor, Brittany! You are a prayer answered for me!

  2. Ba says:

    More than a psychic, Brittany is an Angel.
    Her reading was simply amazing, and her heart irreplaceable!

    Thank you soooo much!!!


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